Wood Floors

Real wood is an ideal material for a floor; real wood floors are natural, beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on. Real wood creates an ambience that lasts a long time and is non-allergenic.

Wood is a natural renewable resource for flooring and completely biodegradable.

No crowds, no hassle, no high pressure salesmanship.

The appearance of a wood floor, i.e. the colour, surface, pattern and hardness, can vary a lot between different wood species.

If you have big rooms, a 1- or 2-strip floor is usually most suitable. The surfaces are then usually perceived as airier and more open. You can also use the grading (City, Town or Country) to influence the feel of the room, to create either a calm or lively feel in the room.

Floors also interact with the room’s overall shape, how much light there is, the materials on the walls and ceilings and their appearance. The furniture style you choose for the room can also influence the fundamental feel that you create. Big rooms – big patterns is our basic advice.

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