Carpet and flooring help

This page is aimed at giving help and advice to readers on various ways that you can deal with stains or spills on carpets or other flooring.
Please note that the comments made on this page are NOT GURANTEED as effective or suitable for a problem you may be experiencing. It is always recommended to get the advice of a professional carpet cleaner prior to beginning any remedial work on a carpet stain.

How to treat a stain on a synthetic fibre carpet

For Asphalt, Butter, Cooking oil, Crayon, foundation cream, Furniture polish, Gravy, Hair oil, Hair spray, Hand cream, Ink (ball point), Ink (felt tip), Lard, Linseed oil, Machine oil, Mascara, nail varnish, Paint (Latex), Shoe polish, Salad dressing, Tar/soot, Typewriter ribbon, Wax (paste).

  • Solvent: Dry cleaning solvent (spot remover).
  • Blot: Clean white cloth or white paper tower.
  • Detergent: Use a neutral, max pH8, crystallizing carpet shampoo – mix one tablespoonful to one litre of water.
  • Blot: Clean white cloth or white paper towel.
  • Water
  • Blot: Clean white cloth or white paper towel.

How to treat a stain on a wool carpet

For liquid stains, absorb all liquid by blotting with tissue. Do not scrub or rub. For food based or solid stains, scrape away excess material with a blunt object.
Next, if stain still remains apply white cloth soaked in solvent for a greasy stain, or with carpet shampoo for a water based stain. Dab at stain, starting from the outside in.
Repeat if stain has still not gone.
Now cover stain with a thick wad of tissue and weigh it down with a telephone directory.
If your endeavours are still unsuccessful then call a carpet cleaning professional (member of the NCCA).
To remove chewing gum form a carpet, harden the gum with ice and then shatter is with a blunt object.

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